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Many Kidney Disease Patients Do Not Know Clear About Protein Urine

2018-05-05 17:17

As one of the most important indicators of chronic kidney disease, urinary protein is directly related to the treatment of patients, but many patients are still unfamiliar to it.

Strangeness does not mean that patients do not know urine protein, but not make urine protein clear, especially do not know how to deal with urine protein.

The most obvious feature is evaluate the treatment effects by a “+” sign in the lab test reports.

Many Kidney Disease Patients Do Not Know Clear About Protein Urine

Two months ago, a patient with renal failure was admitted to hospital, and the renal function test showed the patient had entered uremic phase. It is amazing that he did not receive any treatment before.

Asking the reason, the answer is:

"A few years ago, I had nephritis, urinary protein 2+. After taking medicine for a period of time, the urine protein was still 2+, which was considered invalid. In my mind, chronic nephritis can not be cured, so the medicine is stopped.”

Taking out the test paper of that year, the urine protein quantity showed a downward trend after medication, which is the manifestation of drug onset. But the patient didn't know it was effective, and stop the medicines without asking the doctor as well. Only when there are the serious symptoms, he knew the onset of uremia. At present, it is necessary to rely on hemodialysis to survive.

Many Kidney Disease Patients Do Not Know Clear About Protein Urine

A month ago, I had a patient consulting me.

"Half a month before the urine protein was 1+, now the urine protein up to 2+. I do not know what medicine to take. How to do?"

Urine protein 2+ is likely to cause more kidney damage, so I asked him: “did you check urine protein quantitation?”

Reply: “last time albumin was more than 600 mg, this time more than 200.”

Such an obvious improvement has been ignored! If the patient stops medications because of the rise of “+” of urine protein, how regretful he will once it comes to uremia.

Then I told him that the effect was very good and continued to follow the original plan. Last week, his albumin had dropped to less than 100 mg.

Many Kidney Disease Patients Do Not Know Clear About Protein Urine

Look at the urine protein correctly.

Each index of urine protein is prioritized. The high priority index is more accurate, more credible and more meaningful than the low priority index.

This is the priority for the detection of proteinuria in the guidelines from the global kidney disease prognosis Organization (KDIGO).

The priority of the urinary albumin / creatinine ratio (ACR) is the highest, most credible, and the detection process of albumin is more undisturbed and more accurate than the results of the total protein; and the reliability of the automatic reading test paper is bigger than the artificial reading paper.

Therefore, if the “+” in urine protein is added, the kidney may be in a special state. It is not recommended to use the number of "+" as the basis for evaluating the urine protein and the illness-condition, and suggest that the patient check the ratio of urine albumin / creatinine.

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