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Try to Find A Way From These 3 Aspect for Making Proteinuria Negative

2018-04-28 09:57

Urinary protein is an independent factor what damages renal function. That is to say, simple continuously protein leakage can cause irreparable damage to the kidneys. It is clearly visible to us to find out the "+" of the protein on the test list. So, how to turn the protein urine to negative? It is once of the most concerned problem of nephrotic patients, especially in the early stage.

proteinuria, kidney disease, renal function

Some patients without severe conditions take medicine following what the doctor orders, but why they do not have a negative of protein urine?

In fact, the protein can not be negative is mainly owing to the following reasons.

1. Poor control of blood pressure.

When patients pay too much attention to urinary protein, they spend less time and energy in other aspects, resulting in weak control in other factors what can damage renal function.

proteinuria, kidney disease, renal function

For example: hypertension. With long time continuously increased blood pressure, or fluctuating amplitude of blood pressure, kidney damage will be aggravated, exacerbate the leakage of proteinuria and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular damage.

2. The taboo was not done perfect.

For treating kidney disease, remedies and dietary control are both important. If you don't change your lifestyle, it will depress the efficacy of drugs.

proteinuria, kidney disease, renal function

Good habits include low salt diet (less than 6 grams), low protein and high protein diet (proper meat consumption, less than 2 two daily), low oil, low sugar and low fat.

3. There are individual differences in the response to hormone therapy from person to person.

proteinuria, kidney disease, renal function

Different kinds of diseases and different people will react differently to hormones.

The patients with some kinds of nephropathy have very good therapeutic effects with hormone, such as Minor denatured nephrosis.

Hormone treatment effect is relatively poor some kinds of nephropathy, for example, focal segmental sclerosis IGA nephropathy, lupus nephritis and so on.

proteinuria, kidney disease, renal function

The response of various patients to hormone is also different.

Hormone sensitive type: the effect of hormone treatment is very good. After a short time of treatment, the urine protein will drop or even turn negative.

Hormone dependence: the effect of hormone therapy is also very good, but when the doges of hormone is reduced to a certain amount (about 2 tablets), the urine protein will relapse or aggravate, and then the patients will suffer from the same process again.

proteinuria, kidney disease, renal function

Steroid resistant type: hormone therapy has little effect. Doctors usually use immunosuppressive agents at the same time to achieve the goal of eliminating protein in this case .

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