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The Major Symptoms of Uremia Patient

2018-07-06 10:11

To many kidney patients the uremia means the worst result of their condition. Especially in western medicine the uremia patients have to accept the dialysis even have to accept the kidney transplant. In fact there is another natural treatment can help most kidney patients get more effective treatment.Uremia is mostly due to the development of some chronic kidney disease, and the harmfulness of Uremia is very large, so for patients with kidney disease they must accept the reasonable treatment to prevent the occurrence of uremia. Only understanding the symptoms of uremia can help them prevent the bad result of condition.

1, the patient generally will appear the some digestive system symptoms. Due to the uremia the waste of body cannot be excluded, first it will affect the digestive system, almost each patient has a poor appetite, bloating, nausea, vomiting , acid regurgitation, belching and so on. The literature reported that the incidence of gastrointestinal ulcer symptom was as high as 18%~24%, mainly manifested as a small amount of vomiting or black stool.

2, patients will appear some of the symptoms of the blood. the waste in the body of renal patients can not be timely excluded of the body, which will make the patient's blood waste content increases. Patients often have skin mucosal bleeding tendencies, manifested as subcutaneous plaque, gum and combined with the film bleeding, epistaxis and so on.

3, patients usually appear in the nervous spirit of some symptoms of uremic patients in the body of waste accumulation, the first impact is on the body of some weak organs, tissues, it is easy to affect the nerves. However, the incidence of psychiatric symptoms in Uremia is up to 13%~86%, mainly with consciousness disorder, cranial nerve damage, muscle spasm and epilepsy.

4, the patient generally appears some symptom in the respiratory tract. uremic patient's body's waste accumulates, very easily causes some inflammation the occurrence, but the uremia lung infection incidence is 50%, the most common is the bronchitis, the bronchial pneumonia, the purulent bronchitis.

5, the patient may appear some symptom in the cardiovascular disease because of the uremia body waste accumulation, the blood content of the patient changes, it is easy to lead to some of the symptoms of cardiovascular disease, uremia complicated with renal hypertension as high as 80%~90%, the performance of headache, dizziness, serious people have vomiting, convulsions and other hypertensive encephalopathy performance. The incidence of uremia pericarditis is up to 60%~100%,30%~40% uremia pericarditis occurs in pericardial effusion.

According to these symptoms above the patients can know more informaiton about their condition ,then they can consult the professional doctors about the reasonable treatment. That include two kinds of treatment, western medicine and Chinese herbal medicine, especially the natural treatment in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has been developed to be a systemic treatment to help more and more kidney patients repair the damaged kidney cells and recover their kidney function gradually, if you want to know more about it or any questions about your own kidney condition,please contact us through the following message:

E-mail: sjzkidneyhospital@hotmail.com

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Any kidney problems? Please consult our online doctor. The satisfaction of patient is as high as 93%.

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