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What Kinds Of Food Are Suitable For Kidney Failure Patients

2018-09-29 10:13

To most kidney failure patients they are often paying more attention to their treatment,but the diet in their daily life is more important to their kidney condition,then as a kidney doctor i want to share the knowledge of diet with you as following:

There are 6 types of diet for renal failure patients:

1. Chinese yam porridge.

It is suitable for the patients with chronic renal failure.

2. Watermelon juice

Watermelon, right amount white sugar, squeeze fresh ripe watermelon juice, add right amount of sugar, optional food.

3. Ginseng soup

Longan meat has the ability to raise blood and tranquilize, and ginseng is called the king of the hundred grass, which can benefit qi and strong spleen.

With a total of 10 pieces of ginseng and 6 grams of meat, a total of 10 pieces were cooked, and the patients with chronic renal insufficiency were anaemic and palpitated.

4.Five vegetable soup

Pear has the effect of clearing up the lungs and phlegm, fresh radix rehmanniae cooling blood, lotus root clearing heat and cooling blood. Raw sugarcane can help the spleen and stomach.

It is suitable for patients with chronic renal insufficiency with nasal bleeding.

5.Corn banana soup.

This soup has the effect of clearing damp and diuresis.

It is suitable for liver and kidney Yin deficiency and dampness of chronic renal function failure.

6. Mulberry honey cream.

Patients with renal failure should mainly eat light diet, low protein, low fat, low phosphorus, low salt diet.

Mulberry cream is used for chronic renal insufficiency, insomnia and restlessness. It also has the effect of nourishing the kidney and nourishing the blood.

From the comments about the diet for kidney failure patients you can be beneficial from it and if you have the similar condition and want to deal with it well please contact us in time through the following message:

E-mail: kidneyservice@hotmail.com

WhatsApp: +8615512139310

Any kidney problems? Please consult our online doctor. The satisfaction of patient is as high as 93%.

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