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What Skin Problems Does The Diabetic Nephropathy Cause

2018-09-10 11:08

Nowadays more and more people get diabetes and they are suffering from it ,with the time goes by most of them develop to the diabetic nephropathy,that is more dangerous to their health,so please pay more attention to it.

This is a matter of great concern to many friends of diabetic nephropathy patients. During the clinical onset, the skin of diabetic nephropathy patients will suffer health hazards.Especially at the beginning of the illness, the patient’s skin will show obvious pathological changes. How does diabetic nephropathy show on the skin?

The first thing to appear is erythema of the skin, which can be like burning blisters. The wall is extremely thin and contains transparent serous fluid. There is no blush around the bubble. Under normal circumstances, erythema grows on the back or bottom edge of fingers, toes, hands and feet, can appear singly or in multiple, can heal itself within a few weeks, but can appear again and again.

Also, folliculitis of the neck is also a symptom of diabetic nephropathy, which is a skin symptom that often occurs in patients with clinical onset, usually for patients with diabetic nephropathy.Many of them will show purulent miliaria – like inflammation in the occipital part of the back neck, have tenderness, and can develop furuncle or cellulitis. The pus can heal itself after it is discharged, but it will recur soon after.

Finally, foot gangrene, which usually causes foot pain, temperature loss, dryness and cracking, ulcer, suppuration and necrosis, and is difficult to heal.Even foot perforation. In addition, patients often suffer from excessive sweating for no reason, and some even sweat profusely. Some patients with diabetic nephropathy may have dry and desquamated skin, which is extremely itchy and unbearable.

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