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5 Useful Way to Treat Kidney Disease

2018-04-25 17:12

The incidence of chronic kidney disease (CKD) is increasing, and the number of people suffering from CKD is adding year by year. There are adults, older people and children. It has to be recognized that chronic kidney disease has become a global public health problem.

CKD Treatment, Dialysis, Transplant

With regard to the treatment of CKD, we are exploring and constantly trying. What can be determined at present is that we can control the diseases from the following aspects.

1. Control the blood pressure.

Hypertension causes severe damage to nephron, especially glomerular capillaries, which can easily cause hardening or even rupture of glomerular, resulting in a rapid decline in renal function.

So the CKD patients must pay close attention to the blood pressure after the diagnosis of kidney disease. Relatively speaking, the treatment of primary hypertension is relatively easy. The primary hypertension can be manged well with combined several kinds of decompression drugs.

CKD Treatment, Dialysis, Transplant

Whereas renal hypertension is complex. It is began from the increased blood pressure in the kidney caused by poor blood flow of capillaries, and thus became systemic hypertension. Therefore, the treatment of renal hypertension must first solve the problem of poor renal microcirculation.

CKD Treatment, Dialysis, Transplant

At present, the commonly method is to use ACEI / ARB drugs to expand the blood vessels so as to solve the problem. The patients can also use Chinese medicine for activating blood and removing stasis to treat the issues. The combination of the two remedies is better.

2. Manage the blood sugar.

CKD Treatment, Dialysis, Transplant

Whether the patients have diabetes or not, they should control the blood sugar well. The hemoglobin would better to be controlled around 7% whereas it is 7.5% for patients with complications or hypoglycemia.

3. Limit the intake of salt and protein.

CKD Treatment, Dialysis, Transplant

Excessive sodium intake can increase blood pressure, aggravate proteinuria and deteriorate renal function. The recommended intake of salt in adult with CKD should be <2 g/d (5 g of sodium chloride). The salt intake of patients in stage 4 and 5 of CKD should be <1.5 g/d.

CKD Treatment, Dialysis, Transplant

The protein intake of adult patients with CKD was 0.8 g/kg/d. In addition to, dystrophy should be avoided. High protein diet (>1.3 g/kg/d) can increase the risk of disease progression, thereby, please avoid it.

4. Treat the protein leakage.

CKD Treatment, Dialysis, Transplant

Prevent protein from continually leaking and damage of kidneys. Urine protein as the first independent factor of kidney damage must be controlled. Hormone is the most effective and most mainstream treatment of protein. Hormone reduction and drug withdrawal time should be comply followed with the doctor's advice, do not reduce and stop drugs by your won willing.

5.Prevention and treatment of complications.

CKD Treatment, Dialysis, Transplant

In the middle or advanced stage of CKD will have different complications such as cardiovascular disease, anemia, bone abnormalities and acidosis. Many uremic patients have poor prognosis of dialysis and renal transplantation owing to the serious complications.

CKD Treatment, Dialysis, Transplant

If there is no complication, you must pay close attention to your physical condition and prevent complications. If complications have occurred, be sure to follow the doctor's advice and standardize treatment so as not to cause greater harm to yourself.

CKD Treatment, Dialysis, Transplant

Chronic kidney disease is indeed easy to relapse and refractory, but believe that technology is progressing and there will always be a way to solve it. During this period, what we need to do is to pick up confidence in treatment, find a regular hospital doctor, and never give up.

If you want to gain more information about chronic kidney disease, please contact us directly. We are glad to help you.

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