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Some Pains Can Reflect Big Troubles

2018-12-07 10:54

To someone they often encounter some discomforts in daily life,but they often ignore them,then i want to remind you : Be careful when these three kinds of pain occurs. A small pain indicates a big trouble

Sitting for a long time causes low back pain

Worst possible is lumbar disc herniation


If you stand up from a chair and find that your legs feel numb, heavy and weak, or even your waist bends and stretches are affected, you should see a doctor in time.

Other reasons

Cold waist and sedentary driving are the main causes of waist pain. Fallopian tube inflammation, pelvic inflammatory disease and other inflammations are also easy to cause lumbago. In addition, the posterior position of the uterus is also the cause of low back pain in many women.

Thirsty and frequent urination.

The worst is likely to be diabetes


The typical symptoms of diabetes can be summarized as, drinking more, eating more, urinating more and losing weight. If several symptoms are present at the same time, you should seek medical attention in time.

Other reasons

It may be the weather. If the weather is very cold, the secretion of diuretic hormone in the body will increase. This is why people always want to go to the toilet in winter. In addition, drinking too much sweet drink can also lead to thirst and frequent toilet visits.

Pain in the head

The worst is likely to be diabetes


If the headache has affected your work and life, and you can’t get better after rest, and the headache has lasted more than a week, you are advised to see a doctor.

Other reasons

Many reasons can cause headaches, such as irregular life, excessive smoking and drinking, and insufficient sleep. Some in the workplace often forget to eat and sleep, and excessive fatigue can also cause headaches. Lesions in the eyes, ears, nose, sinuses and teeth can spread or reflect to the head and cause headaches.

From the comments about the reasons of pain you can know more about that ,if you have any questions please contact us through the following:

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