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3 Kind of Kidney Disease patients Need to Limit Water Intakes

2018-04-23 16:59

At the beginning of the article, let me ask you a question: how many glasses of water do you drink every day? How many times do you go to the toilets per day?

For healthy people, they do not care much about this aspect. They drink water when they are thirsty and go to the toilet timely.

CKD Healthy Living, water intakes, kidney disease

But for patients with kidney disease, it is necessary to pay attention to these two question. Kidney is an important detoxification organ in the body, and also an irreplaceable organ for the production of urine. When the renal function is damaged, the function of the kidney to regulate the balance of water, electrolyte and acid-base can be weakened, leading to a series of complications, such as edema, high blood pressure, the increase or decrease of urine. This symptoms in turn will aggravate renal function.

How much water should the patients with kidney disease drink every day?

First of all, it should be clear that the general kidney disease patients can normally have water, daily intake of water should be controlled in 1500-2000ml. However, some patients can not drink water by their own willing.

3 kinds of kidney disease patients must control the intake of water.

CKD Healthy Living, water intakes, kidney disease

1. Patients with severe edema.

Edema is a typical symptom of kidney disease, what is mainly caused by retention of water in the body and difficult to expel. Especially for nephrotic syndrome patients, they are prone to be suffering from this symptom easily. Therefore, we should avoid the aggravation of edema and increase the burden of the kidney. In addition to removing edema through treatment, we should reduce the intake of water in order to avoid the aggravation of edema during this period.

The amount of water taken per day in patients with edema is the amount of previous day’s urine output + 500ml. Pay attention to keep and measure the yesterday’s urine.

CKD Healthy Living, water intakes, kidney disease

2. Oliguria or no urine patients.

Usually, patients who get ill with renal failure and uremic will experience the decreased excretion of urine volume or even nope urine with the aggravation of renal function. At this time, there is not much demand for water restriction, but if accompanied by edema and high blood pressure, it is also necessary to limit water intake according to their own circumstances.

CKD Healthy Living, water intakes, kidney disease

3. The patients who are on dialysis.

These patients usually have more than 80% of kidney function lost. They can only change the excess water and toxins through dialysis. In order to get more smooth dialysis, the water intake should be restricted to avoid destroying the concentration of dialysate. Water intakes should be controlled according to patient dialysis and body weight requirements.

So, Patients must communicate with their doctors in time to make sure appropriate water intakes every day.

CKD Healthy Living, water intakes, kidney disease

Besides, on the issue of water intake, both kidney disease patients and healthy people should pay attention to the following 2 points: drinking enough water and not holding back urine.

Here do you have an answer to the two question I asked before?

Healthy people drink 1500-2000ml of water daily to meet the needs of the body. If they drink too little water which not reach a certain amount, the urine is usually dark yellow color whereas normal urine color is shallow yellow.

The kidney is the organ that produces urine. But the patients need enough water taken to form urine and help the kidneys to detoxify. If there are too little water, urine can not be created correctly, and it is easy to cause toxin accumulation, increase kidney burden, and cause damage.

CKD Healthy Living, water intakes, kidney disease

Some people, because of the work and other reasons, not only do not drink enough water daily, but also always hold up the urine and reduce the times to the toilets, this will aggravate the damage to the kidneys, induce urinary tract bacterial infection, causing injury to the kidney. For those with no kidney disease, be careful not to add press to your kidneys.

According to the above analysis, two acts of drinking less water and often holding back urine are really harmful to the kidneys, especially for patients with kidney disease. It is better for people to get rid of these 2 habits.

For more information about kidney disease, welcome to contact us directly. We are glad to help you.

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