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The Walnuts Can Be Eaten By the Kidney Patients

2018-09-16 10:34

As a kidney patient you must pay more attention to your diet,but most of patients don’t know exactly what should be eaten,then i want to tell you that if kidney disease patients can eat walnuts.

Experts told us that walnut fat and protein content is too high, kidney metabolism is not good, although there is no clear indication that it cannot be eaten, it is recommended to eat less.

1,The diet of membranous nephropathy should be light and easily digestible. Avoid seafood, beef, mutton, spicy and stimulating food, wine and all hair products such as: Wait spiced aniseed, coffee, coriander, etc. Especially for patients with yin deficiency who have the symptoms of: Red tongue, heavy pulse, night sweat, dry stool, hematuria, etc. But patients with yang deficiency such as: The tongue is pale with white fur, the pulse is heavy, the body is cold, the limbs are cold, the stool is thin, and the hot food is edible.

2, appropriate to eat fresh vegetables and appropriate amount of fruit, appropriate drinking water; Avoid eating all supplements, tonics and foods prone to excessive internal heat such as: Chili, litchi, chocolate, etc. Especially for patients with yin deficiency and internal heat such as purple tongue, pulse stagnation, chest distress, abdominal distension and other blood stasis.

3,Those with severe edema of membranous nephropathy should limit salt, limit the intake of protein food and drink less water. Edema is not serious and can take a low-sodium diet. No edema does not limit the intake of drinking water and protein food; Those with microscopic hematuria and those with excessive internal heat should drink more water, and eat more foods that nourish yin and lower fire, such as apples, white sugar, black sesame, and auricularia.

4, Uremia high blood potassium people avoid eating high potassium food such as: Bananas, oranges, potatoes, tomatoes, pumpkins, tea leaves, soy sauce and monosodium glutamate; Patients with low blood potassium were the opposite.

5. People with high blood uric acid are especially forbidden to eat animal viscera, fish, shrimp, crab and clams, beer, mushrooms, beans and spinach.

After the comments above you watch that can help you know more information about diet to benefit your health,but if you have other any questions about your condition please contact us through the following message:

E-mail: sjzkidneyhospital@hotmail.com

WhatsApp: +8618395615012

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