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GFR 15% and Swelling, How to Improve Renal Function

2017-05-06 16:24

GFR 15% and Swelling, How to Improve Renal FunctionGFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) which is also called renal function shows us the damage degree of the kidney. When the GFR dropped down to 15%, the kidney is unable to work well to eliminate the unwanted things including toxins, excess water and wastes from body completely. And thus, the patients will have lots of discomforts such as swelling, anemia, vomiting and so on. Therefore, they want to improve the renal function for the sake of living a normal life.

GFR 15% means the patients will need to go for dialysis in the recent future. And if the renal function is improved to 30%, there is no need of dialysis. Besides, the swelling is because the water which should be excluded from body by the kidney are gathered in the part of the body. So, when the renal function is increased, the swelling will disappear. Hence, what treatment can help the patients with GFR 15% and swelling recover the renal function?

Hot Compress Therapy. It is to hot press the patients’ Shenshu area with Chinese medicine. According to the Chinese medicine theory, during the treatment, the active substance of the Chinese medicine will enter the body and reach to the kidney. In the meanwhile, while hot pressing the patients, the healthy qi will be added and try their best to defeat the illness. At last, the damaged but not necrotic renal cells will be repaired. When the kidney is rebuilt, the swelling will fade away, the GFR will be increased, and the patients will have a better life.

If you are interested in the treatment to remedy the patients with GFR 15% and swelling, please leave a message below or send your contact information to our e-mail / whatsapp. We will do our best to help you.

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