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The Symptoms And Treatment Of Renal Cysts With Herbal Medicine

2018-07-27 11:34

To most renal cyst patients they have no any discomforts at the early stage of condition.Renal cysts are usually asymptomatic and are often discovered by chance during medical examinations or other imaging examinations.However, some very large renal cysts, especially those with intra-cystic hemorrhage or infection, will obviously cause pain and discomfort in the waist and abdomen.Some renal cysts happen to compress ureters or neck the of calyces, causing hydronephrosis and secondary infection, followed by lumbago, fever, and urinary tract infection.Some simple renal cysts may have cystic wall canceration.The canceration rate is about 1 %.One should be alert to the possibility of canceration when there is hemorrhage in the cyst.

Patients with renal cyst should not hesitate.Timely treatment is the key to recovery. ..

Lycium barbarum has kidney tonifying effect

Tremella and Lycium barbarum soup

30g of white fungus, 15g of Lycium barbarum, and an appropriate amount of crystal sugar.Soak tremella, cut into fine pieces, add appropriate amount of water together with Lycium barbarum, cook with low fire for about 1 hour until Tremella is well-cooked, and add crystal sugar.

Efficacy:Has effects in nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing yin, and moistening lung.It is suitable for people with dry cough without phlegm, insomnia, amnesia, etc.

Cortex lycii radicis porridge

30g of cortex lycii ( 50g of fresh ), 60g of polished round-grained rice and an appropriate amount of crystal sugar.Clean cortex lycii, decoct, remove residue, and keep the juice.Clean polished round-grained rice, add medicinal juice and appropriate amount of water, cook with low fire to get porridge, and add crystal sugar to get final product.

Efficacy:Has yin nourishing and heat clearing effects, and is suitable for treating symptoms such as sphoria with feverish sensation in chest,palms and soles, fever of lung, cough, etc.

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