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Children with CKD 5 and Creatinine 5.1: Is there any Effective Therapy

2014-06-09 09:47

MOHAMED SALEH is a children with stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease. The basic informations about him is as followed.


Gender : male

Age : 8

Country: Libya

Main reasons: with elevated serum creatinine for 7 years, after bilateral ureteral reimplantation six and a half years.

When the child is 2 months old, through renal ultrasound found bilateral upper tract seeper, serum creatinine 4.6 mg/dL." Isotope renal imaging diagnosis it as congenital obstructive nephropathy, on the right side of the flow level IV; on the left side of the reflux V level. Six years ago he received Bilateral ureteral replantation surgery. From the physical examination we can see: both sides of thoracic symmetry is like pigeon breast, abdomen go forward looks like a pear, lower rectus and part of the external oblique muscle is absent, the abdominal wall is thin and soft with poor tension.

He is 7 years old, height 102 cm, weight 15.1 kg, body mass index of 14.51. Auxiliary examination: type-B ultrasonic of kidney shows double kidney diffuse lesions, double renal atrophy, double renal pelvis expansion. Hemoglobin 98 g/L, Serum creatinine 447 umol/L, urea nitrogen tendency for 39.6 / L, PTH 44PG/ml, endogenous creatinine clearance rate is 6.01 ml/min. Diagnosis: piriform abdominal syndrome, congenital obstructive nephropathy, chronic kidney disease (CKD 5), Renal anemia, retardation after bilateral ureteral reimplantation, malnutrition and rickets.

Treatment methods: Give topical herbal on double kidney area to promoting blood circulation and remove blood stasis. Foot bath of Chinese herbal medicine to improve microcirculation. Chinese herbal medicine enema auxiliary detoxification; The treatment such as Chinese herbal medicine bath can assist detoxification and protect renal function.

Treatment result: go through a series of treatment such as promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, improve microcirculation, auxiliary detoxification, correction of anemia, adjust the protein metabolism, rectifying acid detoxification treatment, this kid feels better now. After the above treatment, he is good in diet, sleep and spirit, double lung breath sounds clear, abdomen is soft with no tenderness, there are no edema in lower limbs. Review results: hemoglobin 111 g/L. Serum creatinine 397 umol/L, urea nitrogen tendency for 38.3 L. Potassium tendency for 3.06 / L, PTH 148.7 pg/ml and Blood sedimentation 18 mm/hdouble.

If you want to know more about CKD 5, please email us: sjzkidneyhospital@hotmail.com

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