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Chinese Medicines Help Uremia Patient Reduces His Dialysis Times Successfully

2015-10-25 16:27

Chinese Medicines Help Uremia Patient Reduces His Dialysis Times SuccessfullyMOHAMMED 45 years old, he is a kidney failure patient comes from Nigerian and now his disease has progressed into End Stage Renal Disease, which is also known as Uremia. On August 17, 2015, he came to our hospital for further treatment. Before coming here, he has suffered from high creatinine level for 3 years and in order to control his disease, the doctor has put him under dialysis 7 months ago, but that seems has no much effect, so he decided to come here for further treatment.

After admitted into our hospital, the doctors done a series of detailed examination for him, the tests shows that:

Hemoglobin: 91 g/L

red blood cell: 3.32 x 1012 / L;

urea nitrogen: 24.2mmol/L

Serum Creatinine: 1188umol/L

Uric Acid: 476umol/L

After diagnosed, our doctor made a treatment plan for him, the following are some details about this treatment:

1. Give him some medicines, such as hypotensor and phosphorus-reduction medicines,to relieve those symptoms caused by kidney failure.

2. Dialysis, 3times/week, to help kidneys to dispel the toxins in blood

3. Prescribe him some oral Chinese Herb medicines to assist other medicines to achieve better curative effect.

4. Applied Hot Compress Therapy and Foot Therapy(these are the key treatments )to promote the circulation of blood, thus to improve the inner minicirculation, protect the kidney function and repair the damaged kidney tissues.

Besides that our doctors remind him to maintain a low salt, low fat, high quality protein and low purines diet, which is helpful for protecting the kidneys from further damage.

Post treatment:

After two months treatment his disease goes well. The dialysis times reduces from 3 times/week to 2 times/week; the serum creatinine downs from 1188umol/L to 756umol/L; urine volume increases from 1000ml to 2000ml; the urine color is darker than before; edema disappeared gradually; hemoglobin increases from 91g to 110g.

Beside those obvious changes in numbers, his physical condition also got improved greatly.Before coming to our hospital he just can eat a little bread but after staying here for a while he begin to cook for himself, what’s more, those cooking stuffs are picked by himself in the supermarket. Before discharged, he asked for doing some the exercise, such as running to the park.

We are very happy to see his disease turns good, and we are expected that he can get rid of dialysis in the near future. If you want to know more details about the treatment of Uremia or want to avoid or get rid of dialysis, you can send emailor leave message to us, we will try our best to help you.

Our email: sjzkidneyhospital@hotmail.com

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