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Patients Celebrate Mid-autumn Festival Together in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital

Patients Celebrate Mid-autumn Festival Together in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease HospitalOn the Mid-autumn Festival Eve, it is hilarious in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital for more than 50 patients abroad are expressing their appreciation with their own language to doctors and nurses. All of them received the traditional food- mooncake in this special day.

“I heard about moon cake, when i was in America, the festival is established to celebrate a fairy named Chang E,today, i ate the moon cake, it is delicious!” A Judaic patient from America said.

Just when the patients are talking about the Mid-autumn festival, a nurse walks toward them and says,”Teacher Daria, the internet plat is connected, you can take a class, we arrange a translator for you, he will tell you something about Mid- autumn festival”

September first is the opening ceremony in Russia, Dalia, comes from Moscow, absent from the ceremony that she had experienced thirty years for treating nephritis in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, Dalia worried about her students very much, with the coming of traditional Mid-autumn Festival, she want to give a meaningful class through video.

“hello, guys, how are you, i miss you very much”Dalia said excitedly.”teacher, we miss you too, when will you come back? We would study hard and be disciplined after you coming back” the children said on the other side of video. Dalia nods with relief and said, “Don’t worry about me, my illness condition almost recovers, when i feel better, i will go back”

“Teacher, how about china? Is there fun?” The naughty boy Evan said. “China is a magical country, i meet many things that i never see in our country, and there are many festivals that we do not know, few days ago is Teacher’s Day, i received fresh flowers and gifts from doctors, tomorrow is the traditional festival:Mid-autumn Festival.

“Mid-autumn Festival? What Mid-autumn Festival it is? Will there be some funny activity? Please tell us more about this festival, teacher! ” Suddenly, classroom full with child’s voice for knowing more stories about this festival.

Dalia said:” recently, nurse tell me some stories about Mid-autumn Festival in the ward. In the legend, there is a beautiful fairy and a rabbit taking charge of smashing herbs, in the ancient time, people worship luna on the full moon night, with the time gone, the activity of worship develops to Mid-autumn Festival gradually, and it is the most important festival festival in china excepting from Spring Festival, which symbolize the unity, in this day, people will take reunion dinner, moon cake and enjoy the glorious full moon.”

“Moon cake, what it is? Is it delicious? Why people take moon cake on the Mid-autumn festival?”

“Moon cake is a kind of round cake and there is kinds of stuffing in it, such as stuffing made from five kernels, kinds of fruits and Lian rong and so on, it symbolizes unity for it is round. The two words of unity and round have the same pronunciation in the Chinese characters. So on the Mid-autumn Festival, Chinese would take moon cakes.”

After Dalia finished his telling, all students want to listen more about Mid-autumn Festival. “ Because the date is just the half of autumn, so the they name this festival as Mid-autumn Festival, the doctor said, there is many legends about Mid-autumn Festival, there is a moon palace on the moon and a luna in it. A pure white rabbit accompanies with her.” Dalia said gamely.

Nikula said with his head tilted:”wow, teacher, i must enjoy the moon tonight, may be i can see the fairy”

The director of International Deportment Liupan said, “in that night, all of us will climb to a height place to enjoy the full moon. Moon is the symbol of national harmonious and family happiness, so they will come back home in this day wherever they are and give gifts to families. The elders in the home are very happy when they meet their families.” Dalia interprets to her students that the Mis-autumn Festival is important as the Russian Section three st.

Students said after Dalia’s interpretation that they will make a mean with their family when they come back home. The course is going to finish, the child said to Teacher Dalia:”teacher, may you recover as soon as possible, we all waiting for your class!”

After closing the video connection, Dalia still is immersed in the moving of talking with students. Dalia said:” this is a meaningful class for giving a class about Traditional Chinese Culture abroad and let students know the traditional virtue. Thanks to your hospital can support such a convenience platform.”

Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease would hold on culture activities in every traditional festival. Liupan said:” On the Dragon Boat Festival, the hospital doctors and nurses and patients wrap up zongzi, trace eggs together to experience folk custom activity;During the Spring Festival, the hospital host a large Spring Festival evening party, foreign patients can performances on the stage with our stuff etc . at the same time of these activities, we also spread out thousands of years of Chinese traditional culture, let more people understand the Chinese culture in the world

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