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Systematic Chinese Medicine Bring Me the Hope of Life

“I suffered many symptoms in the past, i even cannot walk by myself due to the badly swollen in my legs. But now, you see, after taking the systematic Chinese Medicine i can walk just like you guys.” DILIP said loudly.

When i seen him, he was walking shoulder by shoulder with his brother Dean, but for the doctor told me he is the patient i really cannot sure which one is the patient. You know they have the similar appearance and wearing the similar clothes and walking in the same way. You really cannot tell the difference between them.

I asked him whether he will regret for coming here, he replied me with a big smile. And then said firmly “you may don’t believe it, but i have to say i have loved this place, this hospital and all the people here. They treat me just like my family member. Coming here is the best right decision i have ever made.”

I know he is quite seriously when he told me these words, and i am really shocked by his words. I heard that Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital is a top-classic hospital, they treat their patient just like their own family member, but i thought it is just exist in the story. In fact, before met him, i also met some other patients who have accept systematic treatment in that hospital, all of them have good impressions of that hospital. But i always don’t want to believe it, because that is impossible to let all the patient feel satisfied.

But now, i have to admit that they do can meet all the patient’s demand both in physically and mentally. They treat the disease not only by effective treatments but also by their heart.

Before i left Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital i have a deep-heart talk with doctor Liu-one of the elite of them, he told me that he will spare no efforts in helping the kidney disease patient, he want to see all the patient can live a happy life just like all of us. I really moved by his words, and i believe that he can show his words by his action.

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