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The Doctor in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital Use the Tips Wisely

The Doctor in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital use the tips wisely, which gives a big surprise to the patient.

“Dear Miss. Fatumi, I really surprised by your present, however it is my responsibility to take care of your father, I have already put that money (the present she gave to the doctor) in the hospital Finance department, which will be used for your father’s subsequent treatment ” Dr. Xiaohong Li, who from Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital International Department, told Miss. Fatumi, who from Sudan, by Whatsapp.

Mr. Muslifa is a dentist, 62 years old, and he has been suffering from Chronic Interstitial Nephritis for over 12 years, he came to Shijiazhuang kidney Disease Hospital one month ago to receive the Traditional Chinese Blood Purification Therapy, accompanied by her doctor.

After careful treatment, his condition get great improvement, so her doctor agreed him to discharge. Miss. Fatumi secretly gave Dr. Li a small box just when Dr, li escort them to the boarding gate in the airport, Miss Fatumi told Dr. Li :”Actually this gift is from my father, I am just on his behalf, Please do not open it until you go back, there will be a surprise”.

“To be honest, it was just a small box, I did not think too much, because when the foreign patients discharge, we will exchange some small gifts with national characteristic as souvenirs” Dr. Li said. “But when I opened the box, there was 300 USD cash folded into heart shape ”

Before Mr. Muslifa came to China, he was treated by Sudanese doctor, his doctor just told him to follow the diet, even though sometimes his condition become worse, but it was tolerable, because which did not affect his work and life at that time. However, he got a flu four months ago which made his condition aggravated. At that time, his creatinine level already reached to 1500umol/L, which was a really high level for Kidney disease patient. So the local doctor arranged him to do dialysis, because of the inadequate dialysis in the local hospital, his condition did not under control after 3 months treatment. Miss Fatumi works in a foreign trade business company, she really wanted to take his father to China for Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment, because she knows many Chinese people who study and work in Sudan, what’s more there are a lot of China Construction Aid Projects in Sudan, so Miss. Fatumi realized how amazing the Traditional Chinese Medicine is. Dr. Li said

“During Mr. Muslifa hospitalization, her daughter needed to go back to her country because of her job, so during her absence, we took good care of her father , including treatment, casual talking, going shopping and so on ” “when he stayed here, he insisted to give tips many times, but we refused politely”. Dr Li said.

He found a dental clinic when we went shopping, Because Mr. Muslifa is a dentist, so he was interested in some tooth tools, he decided to buy some when he went back. When Dr. Li got to know the idea of Mr. Muslifa, she ordered the same tooth tools on the internet, additionally when Dr. Li was off duty, she bought some daily necessities like eye drops for him. Dr. Li thought that maybe because she did some extra work for him, so he offered her tips many times.

“The patient interests can not be violated, extra income are not allowed, that is the top prohibitions of our hospital, so we will refuse the tips, red envelope, and expensive gifts ” the Hospital president, Mr. Shi wei, said. Few years ago, some patients wanted to give bonuses to the doctors, but we refused gently, however, many patients thought that maybe their bonuses was less, which was the reason of doctors’ refusal, so they added more money, but the doctors still declined. What’s worse, which will lead to the negative mood of the patients, because they thought that their condition is serious, and the doctor afraid that they will fail to treat them, so they refuse the bonuses they gave to the doctors. So it will take time for the patients to accept this phenomenon of our hospital.

In order to let the patients receive the treatment without any unnecessary worries, we will put the bonuses which can not be refused to the hospital finance department, when the patient discharged, we will show the bill to the patient. Mr. Shi wei said that”some foreign patients will pay tips when they already in the airport, all the doctors refused, but because of the different culture, they thought the doctors do not like them or they have impolite behaviors in China which make people unhappy, so even when they went back, they would message the doctor , “did I do something wrong in China, ” so if we really can not refuse this bonus, we will put the money in the hospital finance department for patient subsequent treatment just exactly like what Dr. Li did.

When Mr. Fatumi came to know what Dr. Li did, she told this incredible story to other foreign patients who are still receiving the treatment in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, even though she maybe do not understand why Dr. Li did this. Mr. Lana, who is a PKD patient from Parkistan, he told Dr. Li by whatsapp :”you are awesome “ .

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