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Can Chronic Kidney Failure with Creatinine 2.82 be Reversed by Foot Bath Therapy

2014-06-26 15:55

Patient name:JEFREY GARCIA

Age: 26

Gender: male

History disease: with proteinuria 5 years, with high creatinine level one year


Jefrey Garcia is a patient from Philippines Manila, on January 12,2014 he came to our hospital for the first time. One years ago, due to lumbar acid, low back pain he came to a local hospital to do inspection, the blood pressure was 130/80 MMHG, urine protein 2 +, occult blood +, 24 hours urinary protein 1.61 g / 24 h, hemoglobin 118 g/L , serum creatinine 250 umol/L, total carbon dioxide tendency for 18.7 / L. The local hospital diagnosed as Chronic Glomerular Nephritis, Chronic Renal Failure (decompensation period), metabolic acidosis, Renal Anemia.

After a period of treatment in local hospital, hemoglobin 115 g/L, urine protein 2 +, occult blood +, serum creatinine 275 umol/L, urea nitrogen tendency for 8.4 / L, did not see obvious improvement. For the sake of further treatment, he came to our hospital. After admission, the measure blood pressure was 120/80mmHg, cardiopulmonary and abdominal physical examination did not see abnormalities, there were no edema in lower limbs. Abdominal color to exceed: the outline of kidneys were not clear, diolame is not smooth, right kidney size was about 72 * 39 *29 mm, renal parenchyma was 10 mm thick; the left kidney size is 77 * 45 * 31 mm, renal parenchyma was about 11 mm thick. Double renal parenchyma echo enhancement, boundary was not clear, cortex system dispersion. Ultrasonic tip: double kidney diffuse lesions, double renal atrophy.

In order to achieve a better curative effect, we use several therapies at the same time, such as Chinese medicine dressing, Foot Bath Therapy, medicated bath, enema and Oral Chinese herbal medicine to promoting blood circulation and remove blood stasis, improve microcirculation, protect kidney function. After 29 days treatment, blood pressure is 100/70 MMHG, review test results: hemoglobin 142 g/L, potassium tendency for 4.21 / L, total carbon dioxide tendency for 22.9 / L; creatinine 206 umol/L. After back home he took medicines according to the doctors construction, regular application of traditional Chinese medicine, disease control is relatively stable. Review during routine urine: + urinary protein and occult blood -;Routine blood, hemoglobin, 145 g/L, red blood cell count to 4.39 x 1012 / L;Renal function: creatinine 212 umol/L, urea nitrogen tendency for 12.4 / L, 557 umol/L uric acid;Electrolytes: potassium tendency for 4.19 / L, total carbon dioxide tendency for 18.7 / l.

For review he come to our hospital once again, measuring blood pressure is 100/60 MMHG, hemoglobin, 168 g/L, abdominal exceeds returns: gallbladder: about 58 * 19 mm size, wall thickness was smooth, the capsule wall can be a 3 x 2 mm high echo bump, no expansion of bile duct of liver inside and outside.Double kidney contours to owe, coated owe finishing, right kidney size of about 81 * 38 * 33 mm, essence of about 12 mm thick; the left kidney size of about 84 x x 31 mm, 42 essence about 11 mm thick. Double renal parenchyma echo enhancement, boundary is not clear, cortex and medulla, dispersion collection system.Of a CDFI: double renal blood flow signal .Ultrasonic tip: the gallbladder polyps double kidney diffuse lesions double renal atrophy. The anemia in patients is improved significantly, the recovery of renal function is good, the kidney volume is recovered, so we will use the original plan to consolidate his disease.

Any kidney problems? Please consult our online doctor. The satisfaction of patient is as high as 93%.

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