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Is Uremia Hereditary

2018-04-23 09:35

Almost all the kidney disease patients are afraid of uremia. And dialysis is an unacceptable reality. And then what is uremia? Why does kidney disease patients fear dialysis? Is uremia hereditary?

Is uremia hereditary?

Uremia is not an independent disease, but a series of complex syndromes caused by the disorder of internal biochemical process with the lost renal function.

Suffering from uremia, the human body can not produce urine through the kidneys, in which course the waste and excessive moisture can not be excreted from the body. The patients can only maintain normal life activities with dialysis machine to help the body detoxify (or doing renal transplanation).

 dialysis machine to help the body detoxify or doing renal transplanation

The reason why the kidney patients are so afraid is that uremia will not only make life close to the end, but also make your money gone. Additionally, the process of dialysis is not comfortable, and many patients said that there are great the pain after dialysis.

While, is uremia hereditary?

This problem has affected the courtship of many people whose patients are troubled by kidney disease. And many patients are worried that their children will have the same problems.

is uremia hereditary?

Uremia is caused by the development and deterioration of various nephrotic diseases, among which, only polycystic kidney can be transfer to the child. Most of these illnesses do not have heredity. So why many people do believe it is hereditary?

According to the researches, once the patients got kidney disease or even uremia, their children will get ill with kidney disease after a few years. This gives people an illusion that the inheritance of uremia is right.

But in fact, rather than we considered the uremia as hereditary disease, it is caused by the similar living habits and diets.

,kidney disease, treatment

To be honest, there are big probabilities for the people with the same way of life styles and diets with patients to undergo the same disease and more chances gain the deterioration of illness.

For example, common habits inducing kidney damage are not drinking water enough, holding back urine, and abusing drugs (especially for antibiotics).

The diet is not reasonable and have drink replacing water.

In order to prevent this kind of

In order to prevent this kind of "heredity", we should get rid of these bad habits and check regularly. Watch out your health at all times.

And the people who have already suffered from nephropathy would better to receive regular treatment, control their blood pressure, live away from prevent, check regularly, give up folk prescriptions, etc.

If you have already got uremia, it's better to change your mind than to escape dialysis. Dialysis is a better way to in the situation of uremia. If there is no dialysis, what should uremic patients do?

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