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Dietary Guidelines Complied by Nephrologists for Nephropathy Patients

2018-04-15 13:55

Many nephrotic patients have been confused by "what to eat and how to eat for managing the illness well". But in fact, for the patients in different stages of kidney disease or with unlike symptoms, the restrictions may not be the same. It makes a little bewilderment in the selection of renal diet for nephrotic patients.

Dietary Guidelines Complied by Nephrologists for Nephropathy Patients

However, the renal diet is not as complex as we think. Except for adhering to the diet principle of "five low one high", it is very beneficial for the patients to get a better recovery from the treatment as long as they know clearly about these 5 aspects in the dietary principles.

The diet principle of "five low and one high" is low protein, low salt, low fat, low potassium, low phosphorus and high vitamin diet.

These 5 tips in diets can assist you in eating more healthily and safely.

Drink water correctly, the condition will be more stable.

1. Drink water correctly, the condition will be more stable.

Kidney is the organ that produces urine. Every day we drink water, later the fluid will inter the circulation system through digestive system, and finally the water will be filtered through the kidney and drained out of the body as urine. By this way, some toxins will be taken away and we can keep the balance of fluid in the body. Nevertheless, when the kidney is impaired, in which case the glomerular filtration function and the reabsorption function of renal tubules are destroyed, resulting in the decrease of urine production and the initiation of body swelling and sodium retention. Besides, the leakage of protein can also cause the occurrence of body edema. While, how much water is appropriate for a nephrotic patient to have every day?

Patients with no edema and normal urination can eat normal volume of water - around 1500ml; patients with edema or less urination should reduce the amount of water intake in order to avoid aggravation of edema and to reduce the burden of kidney excretion, the water intakes is according to the degree of edema, usually it does not more than 1000ml.

Aside from boiled water, kidney disease patients can also drink honey water, lemonade, tea (non strong tea), and squeeze juice appropriately. But please be sure to remember that the patients can not drink lots of fruit drinks or carbonated drinks, covering alcoholic beverages.

Eat various meet can make the nutrition more balanced.

2.Eat various meet can make the nutrition more balanced.

For kidney disease patients, there is another question - "What kind of meat to eat and how much meat can be taken every day". Eat meat, they worry about that the increased kidney burden can aggravate the illness. Have no meat, the patients are afraid of the malnutrition which depress the improvement of illness condition. After all, how to eat meat is better?

Meat contains much high-quality protein, and it is the main source of our protein intakes in daily life. The meat can be divided into two types, that is "red meat" and "white meat". Red meat mainly includes pig, cattle, sheep and others what have high protein and high fat, high cholesterol, high saturated fatty acids and so on; white meat such as chicken, duck, fish and others having more proteins but less low fat and cholesterol. Commonly, the kidney disease patients can take 100g meat per day.

In spite of this, It does not means we completely ban red meat. We should reduce its intakes, eat more white meat so as to avoid malnutrition, anemia and other complications which will lead to more serious illnesses.

Take the fruit on the basis of the illness situation, the condition won’t be worse.

3.Take the fruit on the basis of the illness situation, the condition won’t be worse.

It is important to remind nephropathy patients that they had better to pay more attention to the fruits with high potassium and high sugar. Our kidneys can not only regulate the water balance, but also adjust the electrolyte balance. With the decline of renal function, the elements in the body will be imbalanced. Moreover, the unbalanced electrolyt may even seriously endanger life.

Therefore, the patients in the advanced stage of kidney disease should control their diet more strictly, especially high potassium foods such as bananas, jujube, bean products, mushrooms, kelp, seaweed, spinach, yam, potato and so on.

Hyperkalemia resulted from high potassium in the blood can cause heart failure, cardiac arrest and other sicknesses.

The kidney disease patients should take a low sugar diet although they are in the different phases, especially for diabetic patients. Long term of uncontrolled blood glucose can quicken the irreversible kidney damage, and even the coming of uremia. Hence low sugar diet is very important.

Drinking less tonic soup is good for kidneys.

4.Drinking less tonic soup is good for kidneys.

Many nephrotic patients do believe that they need to supply enough nutrition when they are sick. Based on this, they will drink a lot of tonic soup. But in fact, not every kidney patient is suitable for drinking tonic soup. The tonic soup usually contains a large number of purines, excessive intake of which can increase uric acid in the blood and aggravate kidney disease. Meanwhile, the excessive nutrients can also be the toxins for kidneys.

It is salutary to give up tobacco and wine.

5.It is salutary to give up tobacco and wine.

Severe smoking and alcoholism have great influence on health, for both healthy patients and nephrotic patients. Additionally, after the kidney is damaged, it is better to quit smoking and drinking. Smoking will damage the liver as well as the kidneys. And tobacco contains too much toxins and carcinogens, which will worsen the kidneys. Alcohol also hurts the liver and kidneys. They are bad for the patients’ recovery.

For more information about the diets or treatments for kidney disease patients, welcome to contact us directly.

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