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Pay More Attention To Proteinuria To Most Patients

2018-07-16 15:17

Many kidney patients do not know the knowledge of Hypertensive Nephropathy, which can cause high urinary protein.

Urinary protein is the clinical symptom of most patients with kidney disease who first discovered kidney disease. However, most people do not know how urinary proteins are produced, and they do not know the dangers of urinary proteins, leading to missed early treatment opportunities.

Under normal circumstances, human urine does not contain protein or only trace amounts of protein, but when the kidney disease occurs, proteins that flow with the blood flow through the kidneys cause the protein to “leak the net” because of the reduction of the renal filtration function. Protein leaks into the urine and is excreted from the urethra to form proteinuria. The higher the urinary protein, the worse the renal filtration function, which is an important measure of kidney function.

If the glomerular capillary endothelial cells are damaged, the glomerular filtration function will be affected and there will be protein leakage, but if the renal tubular reabsorption is normal, protein will not appear in the urine.

There are two causes of proteinuria to most patients.

1, only glomerular damage. Tubular normal. The degree of damage to the glomerulus is severe, and the amount of leaked protein is large, exceeding the reabsorption capacity of the renal tubules. At this time, protein will appear in the urine.

2. The glomerulus and renal tubules are damaged at the same time. The glomerulus and renal tubules are damaged at the same time, and the symptoms of urine protein will also occur, and there will be an increase in nocturia.

Many patients are not clear that if high proteinuria can be harmful to human body.

If proteinuria occurs, there is a problem with the kidney. The kidney is the body's excretory organ. If there is a problem here, it will affect the entire body and it may even be fatal. Protein is an important component of human body structure. The presence of urinary protein can cause protein loss. If the protein is lost too much, the human body's institutions will not be able to operate normally, resulting in slow or even stagnating physiological functions until death.

For the proteinuria is the common symptom to most kidney patient, they want to find a reasonable treatment to cure it,at present there is no any effective therapy in western medicine, so i suggest you consider the natural treatment in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the most advantage of it is no any side effect to patients and can eliminate the protein in urine effectively, if you want to know more about that please contact us through the following message:

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