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Zheng Falei,M.D

Brief Introduction

Born in January 1947 in JiangSu Siyang. In 1984,he joined jiusan Society. Once,he served as the director of urology department in Peking Union Medical College Hospital. And now,he takes the charge of the 11th Central Committee of jiusan Society,the director of the Central Medical and Health Committee,the 10th Standing Committee of Beijing Municipal Commission. And he is also the Professor and Doctoral tutor at CAMS(Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences) and Peking Union Medical College Hospital.

Work Experience

--The committee member in Journal editorial board of Chinese Contemporary Famous Doctor and Hospital

--The member of the 10th CPPC

--He attended the Medical Department of Chinese Peking Union Medical College in 1965-1970.

--In 1970-1978,he was in charge of the attending physician in Jiuquan Zone Hospital

--In 1978-1981,he received a master's degree in The Department of Nephrology Professional of Chinese Peking Union Medical College Hospital.

--In 1982-1988,he acted as the visiting staff in Peking Union Medical College Hospital

During this period,he had studied in Universiteit Antwerpen and got a PhD.

--Since 1988,he successively held the posts of director,associate professor and professor in Nephrology Department of Peking Union Medical College Hospital.

--After 1993,he once worked as the medical professor of Chinese Peking Union Medical College, Deputy Minister of Beijing Society of Nephrology,deputy director of a branch belonging to the China Nephrology

He has rich clinical experience and thinks highly of the combination of theory and practice. What’s more,he also has a higher technical level on the difficult disease of Nephrology Department.

Primary Specialties

He has mainly worked on the clinic,study and teaching of Kidney Disease,and a higher technical level of the diagnosis to difficult renal diseases.

Besides,he also have been committing himself to the study in metabolism,early prevention of Chronic Kidney Disease and the Renal toxicity,Tubulointerstitial Disease and Metabolism of Electrolyte,etc.

The research mainly focuses on metabolic disorders and nutritional therapy of Chronic Kidney Disease,the pathologic mechanism and intervention of renal interstitial fibrosis,the lesion on kidney tubules and renal toxicity,etc.

Papers and Monographs

Up to now,he has published more than 260 various papers about medical science. Main translation classic--Kahn Modern Therapeutics

Main writing medical monographs are 3,including the Clinical and Process of Kidney Disease,Chronic Kidney Failure,Concise Nephrology.

Besides,he once had taken part in the compilation of 28 monographs that contains Modern medicine,the Chinese internal medicine,Nephrology,and so on.

Achievements & Honors

Zheng Falei,has taken up a job as a doctor for 40 years.

After 1979,he mainly engaged in the clinical research and teaching of Kidney Disease. The key points of that are metabolic disorders and nutritional therapy of Chronic Kidney Disease,pathogenesis and intervention of renal interstitial fibrosis,lesions on kidney tubules and Renal toxicity and so on.

In the 1980s and1990s,he reported firstly the disorder of protein,amino acid and used the essential amino acids and ketones acid to treat the Chronic Renal Disease(CKD). At the same time,he informed that this therapy can improve the metabolic disorders of protein and amino acids. Besides,it can also relieve the Kidney Disease process. It is worth mentioning that this research won the Second Prize of China Academy of Medical Sciences Research in 1985.

And then,in the Metabolism Study of Chronic Renal Failure(CRF),he was the first to report the relationship between Metabolic Acidosis and orexin,leptin of patients with uremia.

After 1988,he report the Type IV clinical and biochemical characteristics of renal tubular acidosis firstly in China.

In 1991,with his peers, they take the basic and clinical research on erythrogenin,which was awarded Second Prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress.

In the study of renal toxicity mechanism,he discovered that the death caused by medicine is closely to the change of calcium ion concentration in cell,which made the partner and him awarded the Second Prize of Chinese Medicine in 2008.

After 1997,he took the research on the pathogenesis of Aristolochzc Acid Nephropathy(AAN). And he made the successful animal model of rats’ Chronic Aristolochic Acid Nephropathy firstly. Then he also was the first one to report the transdifferentiation of renal tubular epithelial cells is one of the main pathogenesis of AAN.

In 2007,he won the 90th Anniversary of China Medical College Outstanding Paper Award. What’s more,he also had undertook and accomplished some fund program such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC),Beijing Natural Science Fund Project,Ministry of Science and Technology "five-year" and "five-year", "15" research projects and other Science Fund Project of Ministry of Health or CHINESE ACAD MED SCI.

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