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Anemia Can Be Avoid While Reducing The Proteinuria

2018-09-22 15:55

Recently some patients consult some questions about the proteinuria, they have some questions about the proteinuria and uremia, and worry about that once their proteinuria increases their renal condition will develop to the end stage of renal disease—uremia. As a kidney doctor I will explain these problems step by step to you as following:

About the proteinuria you must know about the following three points:

1. How do you should take care to reserve your urine before check your 24 hours urinary protein quantity ?

Commonly the 24 h urine is not easy to be reserved ,once have some other questions to miss some urine the check will be carried out once more. In fact the 24 h urine quantity reservation is very strict to ensure the accurate examination result. And the key point the patients must remember is that you must reserve the last time urine and quit the first time urine. For example, the reserving urine time is from the first day 7 o’clock am to the next day 7 o’clock am. Then the urine of first day 7 o’clock should not reserved and retain the urine of next day 7o’clock am. Generally the retaining urine doesn’t need antiseptic substance except the high temperature, and if you should travel far away to see a doctor then you can preserve the urine with the ice bag. During the urine preserving time the patients should take the normal diet and avoid intaking the large quantity meat and violent exercise. Otherwise that will influence the examination result.

2. Microalbumin , ratio of proteinuria and creatinine, and the 24h urine protein quantity .

Albumin is the one of the components of proteinuria, that is mainly the check indexes of glomerular disease patient ,such as diabetic nephropathy patients . Microalbumin means the albumin quantity lies between 30mg and 300 mg ,excessing the 300mg means the dominant protein.

The ratio of proteinuria and creatinine is the succedaneum of 24h urine protein quantity, if the preservation of 24h urine fails and want to know about the renal function ,then you can check the ratio of proteinuria and creatinine ,but the accuracy is not so high

3. More proteinuria means more serious renal condition? And how long time to check your 24h urine protein quantity?.

Whether your renal condition is serious ,only the high urine protein doesn’t determine it and it should be estimated through all respects of your condition. Not only it is determined by the urine protein, more urine protein means more protein leakage into your urine, the condition of proteinuria is more serious. When the urine protein quantity is more than 3.5 g that is called the severe proteinuria. And to the early stage of renal disease patients the check of 24h urine protein quantity is more necessary ,the interval time is about once per month. If the condition is very stable then check once time after 3—6 months. The proteinuria is the isolated factor to affect the renal function ,therefore the timely controlling proteinuria is beneficial to prevent the progress of renal function damage. About the treatment of proteinuria,you must do well as the two points following.

The first point: Low salt and low protein diet

The diet principle of proteinuria patients has been emphasized many times and this time I will tell you again. The low salt can help patients stabilize the blood pressure and reduce the renal burden ,then can keep the urine protein level stable. Low protein diet can avoid more protein leakage and reduce the renal function damage. If you can insist on this indication your urine protein will be improved obviously.

The second point: Relation between proteinuria and uremia

About the proteinuria the patients are more focused on the topic that if the urine protein must be decreased to the normal range to avoid the uremia. I think most patients misunderstand the meaning of 24h urine protein quantity, only you can control it to be lower than 1 gram, that can keep the renal function stable for a long time. And the renal function has been damaged ,the kidney can not work normally to decrease the 24 h proteinuria to be 0.15 gram, that is very hard to nephropathy patients and not necessary to the treatment. Otherwise that will produce more mental stress to patients and affect the treatment effect.

After you read these comments about the anemia you can get more benefit and if you have other any questions please contact us through the following message:

E-mail: kidneyservice@hotmail.com

WhatsApp: +8615512139310

Any kidney problems? Please consult our online doctor. The satisfaction of patient is as high as 93%.

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