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How To Prevent the Diabetic Nephropathy

2018-07-08 14:40

How to prevent the diabetic nephropathy?

1, scientific and rational sports

In the early stages of diabetic nephropathy, aerobic exercise can be performed mainly by walking fast. At least once every day after meals, at least half an hour each time, at least five days per week, to avoid long-term high intensity can continue to increase blood pressure exercise.

If there is clinical proteinuria, it is not appropriate to perform a intense exercise treatment. For patients with more obvious edema, higher blood pressure, or patients with kidney insufficiency, bed rest is required.

2, urine monitoring

Limit water intake. Water intake should be controlled in the amount of previous day urine plus 500 ml . Pay more attention to observe changes in urine volume, color, and traits, and whether there is foam or the like. If there is obvious abnormality, it is necessary to report to the physician in time, and at least one test of urine routine and urine specific gravity should be performed once a week.

3, to avoid infection

Diabetic nephropathy patients due to long-term hypoproteinemia and reduced immunoglobulin, resulting in decreased body resistance, easily secondary to infection. Therefore, patients with diabetic nephropathy should do morning and evening care to prevent oral and urinary tract infections. In side room should be regularly disinfected, often open windows and ventilation, keep the air fresh, temperature and humidity appropriate, avoid contact with patients with infectious diseases, and refuse visitors with infectious diseases to enter the patient's room.

4, pay attention to daily illness changes

Observe the patient's blood pressure, edema, urine output, urine test results and changes in renal function; Observe the patient's biochemical indicators closely: Observe the presence of anemia, electrolyte imbalance, acid-base imbalance, and elevated urea nitrogen. If any abnormality is found, report it to the physician.

Except the key points above the patients also should accept the reasonable treatment in time. Only taking western medicines can not do more benefit to their condition, the systemic natural treatment in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine can do more benefit to patients without any side effect. If you have some questions or want to know more about it please contact us through the message:

E-mail: kidneyservice@hotmail.com

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