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How To Reduce High Creatinine Level For Diabetic Patients

2018-06-22 11:18

The creatinine is the last metabolic product of creatine and is discharged out of body through the kidney. But if your kidney cannot work normally and that will lead to more toxins and wastes deposit in body ,then that will cause high creatinine level. The kidney has strong compensatory ability so that the little damage of kidney cells cannot affect the normal work of kidney , and then the creatinine level will not increase . But as the condition develops to the level of 50% renal function has been damaged , the compensatory ability can not help discharge enough toxins and wastes then the creatinine level will increase obviously. The timely and reasonable treatment is very necessary to patients now. Then how do renal disease occur in diabetic patients ?

The kidney is the important organ to discharge the toxins and wastes, every kidney is composed of one million nephrons which can filter the metabolic products ,excess water and other toxins from blood. However the high blood sugar will increase the viscosity of blood and affect the work efficiency of nephrons, high viscosity of blood can overload the kidney , with the long time overburden to kidney will lead to the damage of kidney cells and then the renal function will decline , more and more renal cells will be necrotic with ischemia and hypoxia . That makes the more toxins and wastes can not remove from blood and deposit in body ,more toxins depositing can influence the internal circumstance of body to cause any other complications.

Then how to reduce the high creatinine level in diabetic patients effectively is the most important thing to many patients, but before the treatment you must know why the creatinine level will increase , only as we know exactly the root reason we can resolve this problem thoroughly.

In fact the creatinine is only one kind of toxins in body, from the level we can know something about kidney function, but other toxins can also affect the kidney function. Only decreasing creatinine level is not enough to block the progress of kidney disease. Then how to do for the diabetic patients ? I will give you some advice for this as following:

1. More meat consumption will lead to the high creatinine level, especially for the thin meat. It is wise for you to reduce the meat intaking.

2. Controlling blood pressure can relieve the discomforts of diabetic nephropathy , the western medicines such as ACEI or ARB can help the blood pressure stabilize in the normal range of 130/80 mmHg, at the same time it can also protect the kidney function from damage.

3. Uncontrolled blood sugar is the main reason for the diabetic nephropathy patients, as the diabetic patient you must check you blood sugar level at regular intervals, four times per day.

These requirements above only is the assistant method, can not prevent the kidney condition progress, then how to repair the damaged kidney cells and improve the renal function is the most important to all kidney patients, so If you want to know more information about the new systemic treatment please contact us through the following message:

E-mail: kidneyservice@hotmail.com

WhatsApp: +8615512139310

Any kidney problems? Please consult our online doctor. The satisfaction of patient is as high as 93%.

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