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How To Reduce The High Creatinine With Good Treatment Method

2018-12-06 11:03

To the kidney insufficiency patient with creatinine 220, What is the treatment to help him improve the kidney condition ?

Q: My father now has renal insufficiency. Creatinine 160 has been given intravenous drip to the hospital for one week. After checking creatinine, it has risen to 210. He caught a cold among him. His blood pressure and blood sugar are not high at ordinary times. The doctor asked my father to go home from hospital and keep taking medicine. I want my father to go to another hospital for treatment. I just don’t think the treatment is very good. Creatinine has risen to 210 in 160 weeks. Should we change to another hospital? What is the plan?

A: It is very unlikely that pure western medicine will cure renal failure. Since western medicine mainly focuses on eliminating symptoms, the index may return to normal within a short period of time, but the root of renal failure has not been really repaired, often resulting in repeated actions by patients with renal insufficiency and difficult healing after prolonged treatment. Because western medicine can control the disease for a short time, but the intrinsic cells of kidney damage have no repair effect. With the injury and apoptosis of intrinsic cells of kidney, renal function will decrease at any time. Therefore, the treatment of renal failure needs symptomatic + repair. In many years of treatment practice, we have summed up an innovative treatment method for renal failure – traditional Chinese medicine osmotic therapy. The Chinese medicine active substance of the therapy can provide repair substance for kidney intrinsic cells and promote the repair of intrinsic cells on the one hand after it is directly delivered to the kidney area in vitro by microwave. On the other hand, traditional Chinese medicine active substances can destroy the activity of inflammatory mediators, block the progress of inflammatory reactions and create conditions for the repair of kidney intrinsic cells. It has brought health to many patients with Nephritis and effectively delayed the progress of the disease.

Traditional Chinese medicine can not fully extract its effective components by decocting in water, and after oral administration, gastrointestinal tract absorption, systemic distribution, liver inactivation, the effective concentration reaching the kidney is low, the effect is slow, the disease will be delayed, while the potassium content is high, resulting in high blood potassium, resulting in cardiac arrest! Therefore, the patients at this time are not suitable for oral administration of traditional Chinese medicine. If the patient’s 24 – hour urine volume is still more than 1200 ml and the dialysis frequency is still less than 10 times, it is recommended to adopt the treatment method of combining traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of renal failure, so as to effectively expand the arteries at all levels of the kidney, remove pathological tissues, repair the damaged glomerular filtration barrier, increase the glomerular filtration area, and naturally reduce blood creatinine and other toxins. With the gradual recovery of renal function, various complications will be fundamentally controlled.

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