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How to Lower Creatinine Level of 8 in Kidney Disease

2015-07-23 18:12

How to Lower Creatinine Level of 8 in Kidney DiseaseHow to lower creatinine level of 8 in kidney disease ? Creatinine is a kind of metabolic waste. As it is removed out of the body completely by the kidney, creatinine level stands for the kidney function. The higher creatinine level is, the less kidney functions remain.Therefore treatment for creatinine level of8 refers to the treatment for kidney disease.

Chronic Kidney Disease can be divided into 5 stages according to creatinine level. When creatinine is above 8, Chronic Kidney Disease patients enter into kidney failure stage. Under this stage, patients need to accept Kidney Transplant or Dialysis.

However, Kidney Transplant or Dialysis are both bringing complications which make the treatment become longer and more difficult.

Therefore many patients are eager to search for other treatments.

What kind of treatment is helpful for lowering high creatinine level ?

Hot Compress Therapy

Hot compress on bilateral Shenshu acupoints (BL23) is to micro-process medicinals that eliminate toxins and recover original qi, and apply them on Shenshu acupoints (BL23) externally. In such a way, the aim of cleansing toxin can be attained, with pathogenic toxin removed and original qi restored.More specifically, kidney damage can be recovered increasingly. Wastes and toxins are also removed out of the body by regulating blood systems.


Blood stasis in kidney vessel is usually treated by medicines invigorating blood; stagnation of kidney collateral is often treated by medicines dredging collaterals; heat in kidney meridian can be eliminated using medicines clearing heat; pathogenic cold in kidney should be eliminated with medicines warming yang; edema caused by untransformed kidney qi can be treated with aquaretics.

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Our email: sjzkidneyhospital@hotmail.com

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