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Stem Cell Therapy

Is Stem Cell Therapy Helpful for Treating Nephrotic Syndrome

Is stem cell therapy helpful for treating nephrotic syndrome? Nephrotic syndrome, also known as nephrosis, is a group of symptoms and caused by damages in basement membrane of glomeruli...

Is Stem Cell Therapy Helpful for Dialysis Patient

Actually, whether it is useful for dialysis patients depend on patients’ specific illness conditions, but under most of the condition, it can help dialysis patients repair kidney damage....

What Treatment Can Treat Autoimmune Kidney Diseases Like IgA Nephropathy

What treatment can treat autoimmune kidney diseases like IgA Nephropathy? Autoimmune kidney disease is refers to the body's immune response to autoantigen occurs leading to tissue damage caused by self disease. Such kind of kidney disease in...

Why Stem Cell Therapy Becomes More and More Popular for Patients with IgA Nephropathy

Why Stem Cell Therapy becomes more and more popular for patients with IgA Nephropathy? Consider about IgA Nephropathy, this is a very easily kidney disease to relapse. So that it is not a easy disease to treat. ...

What Treatments Help Patients after Kidney Transplant to Improve Kidney function

Patients after kidney transplant are not always have a good recover. Because there will have rejection reaction for many patients, thus will lead to lots of complications. All the problems are due to the kidney function of the new kidney was...

How to Recover Kidney Function for Patients Have 40% Kidney Function

In many countries, once patients kidney function damaged more than half of it, the doctor will advise them to take dialysis to help the treatment. However, in fact, kidney function is able to be recovered without dialysis. In most conditions...

Find A Treatment Option for ESRD Other Than Dialysis

Find a treatment option for ESRD other than dialysis. As a matter of fact, this question is not strange for both patients with kidney problems. They have bearing on dialysis for a long time with all kinds of painful. That might be the mainly...

Can Stem Cell Therapy Treat CKD Effective

Can stem cell therapy treat CKD effective? Stem cell therapy has became into a very popular treatment for CKD in China. it is really have the amazing effect on the treatment of kidney disease. More and more patients start to interested in th...