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TCM Therapy Has Great Advantage To Treat Disease Than Western Medicine

To most people they often accept the western medicine to treat the disease,for they think the western medicine can do effect quickly than Traditional Chinese Medicine .Western medicine is mainly aimed at preventing or delaying the deteriora...

Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure Is Very Important To Diabetic Nephropathy

Although controlling blood sugar is recognized as the first line of defense to prevent and treat diabetic nephropathy . However, there are still many causes and mechanisms of kidney disease caused by diabetes. It is also essential to contro...

The Pathological Study On The Nephritis and Nephropathy

When you have kidney problem you always want to know how to treat it and what the kidney condition is now.The length of the kidney disease is related to the degree of destruction of the glomerulus due to the deposition of immune complexes i...

How Much Salt Does A Kidney Patient Need In Daily Life

To most of kidney disease patients the doctors always tell them to restrict the salt intake strictly, why? The salt is the most important flavour to most family,without salt most of them will lose their health and can not do anything, But m...

The Early Symptoms of Chronic Nephritis and How To Treat It

The early symptoms of chronic nephritis are usually very slight. the degree of proteinuria, hematuria, edema, and hypertension are not very heavy. the decline of renal function in all aspects is not painful or itchy. It has strong concealme...

High Blood Pressure and Kidney Failure What Option Should We Do

Kidney failure refers to a illness condition in which more than 70% of the kidneys lost their function to cleanse the blood. But in some case, the kidney problem will also be called kidney failure in some countries. While, what options shou...

Causes and Treatment of Hypertension in Patients with PKD

Hypertension is a common symptom of PKD patients. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) offer a better choice for all of patients with PKD. ...

Symptoms of Kidney Disease Caused by Hypertension

I hope you have known symptoms of HN, so if you present these symptoms, you should to see a doctor....