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How To Find Early Stage Of Diabetic Nephropathy Through Tests

Diabetic nephropathy has a high incidence in diabetic patients.According to statistics, Ⅰ diabetes nephropathy could have 30-40%.Ⅱ diabetes 25% kidney disease happens.Diabetic nephropathy occurs in 60% of patients undergoing dialysis or...

When Did Patients With ADPKD Need Kidney Transplant Or Dialysis

Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) is a genetic condition that causes cysts to grow in the kidneys. As these cysts gradually enlarge, kidney function falls, which results in kidney failure for many people. In the UK, ADPKD...

After Dialysis The Uremic Patient Should Receive Reasonable Treatment

When the kidney patients developed to the stage of uremia ,most patients have lost their confidence, only waiting for dialysis . Thinking what they need to do is just lie down beside the dialysis machine, pick up the cell phone and spit in...

Children With Chronic Kidney Disease Can Be Treated With Reasonable Treament

How can such a clever and sensible child get the chronic kidney disease ? Why should such a naive and kind child suffer such cruel torture? Yue is a girl from Chongqing, 12 years old this year. The lively and lovely girl has always been lik...

To High Creatinine Level Patient The Dialysis Is Not The Only Choice

To most kidney patients the creatinine level is the important indication to show the kidney function situation.At the same time according to the creatinine level the doctor can determine if the kidney patient should accept the dialysis trea...

More Information About Dialysis And Other Effective Treatment For Renal Failure

To most kidney failure patients ,In fact, including me, when I did not have a detailed understanding of dialysis treatment, I think so.when we accept the dialysis we often think our kidney condition will never reverse again and have to wait...

Some Knowledge About the Dialysis And Kidney Transplant

Today we will tell you some knowledge about the uremia treatment , dialysis and kidney transplant: In China, there are about 130 million people with kidney disease. Western medicine treats kidney disease like other various diseases. Most pa...

What kind of Diet Do Dialysis Patients need

Hemodialysis patients do not need to have a low-protein diet Some dialysis patients think that it is wrong to eat a low protein diet when doing dialysis. Because when dialysis is done, part of the protein will be lost with the dialysis, the...